Enhancing Patchwork with Machine Quilting

Sew Many Quilts | 500 Series | Episode 510

They first show a stunning contemporary quilt from Marilyn Badger which combines bright boutique fabrics, and interesting bright plaids in a fairly simple patchwork design which is really enhanced by the machine quilting.

The strong diagonal lines really emphasize the diagonal lines in the patchwork. Watch the video to learn more about the professional quilting techniques that Marilyn Badger used.

Professional Machine Quilting – Episode 510

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  1. I received a gift subscription to Love of Quilting from my friend who told me I would be able to access digital resources for free. So far, I have been unable to do this and all I get are offers to sign up for more money to access the resources. It sounds like your advertising for new subscriptions is either confusing or misleading on purpose.

    Maureen Handley, 3 years ago Reply

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