Embroidery Quilting with Digitized Designs

Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting | 1000 Series | Episode 1011

In this episode, Sylvain Bergeron first shows off an prize winning project. A few years ago, he decided that embroidery can be more than a dimension that would be added to quilting. So, he started exploring with what he calls, Fred Doodles and put them together with quilt designs. The whole design that he shows is made with digitized stitching, or what we call, embroidery quilting.

Later on, he goes in detail how to digitize designs, and how to do embroidery quilting.

Digital Thread Painting with Sylvia Bergeron – Episode 1011


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  1. Feathered Star was the 2001 Series Quilt. I have been loikong all over for past issuses of Love of Quilting and Easy Quilt. I love the easy friendly formate.

    Tatyele, 3 years ago Reply

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