Quilt with the Stars: Lori Smith, Part 1

Quilt With The Stars | Episode 103, Part 1 | Lori Smith

On this episode of Quilt With The Stars, Mary Fons welcomes Lori Smith and interviews her at the Quilt Market. In the video, they will talk about her inspiration, past history in the quilting industry, and do a quilt show & tell.

After this video, you can watch part 2 of this series here.

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  1. I *love* these videos. Thank you so much for doing them. “Meeting” Lori Smith today has just thrilled me. I’ve sold her patterns for a while now, and they are always delightfully accepted. It’s because I love them so much I can get others excited as well. So again, thank so much. I’ll now go on and see the others!

    Annette Johnston, 2 years ago Reply

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