Nancy Halvorsen, The Quilt Artist part 1

Quilt With The Stars | Episode 109, Part 1 | Nancy Halvorsen

Nancy designs, creates and writes from home while orders are shipped from the warehouse in town. View our slideshow of Nancy’s studio and a sampling of her work. Watch Part 2 and Part 3 of this interview and more Quilt With the Stars episodes at QNNtv.com!

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  1. I love Nancy Halverson but I can’t watch these videos because I can’t stand Mary Fons! She is NOT a very good interviewer! She thinks she needs to constantly be talking. The “agreeing or replying” and interruptions just burns my last nerve. I know she is MaryAnn’s daughter, so she has pull in that dept. but she is an awful interviewer and I don’t even watch the new shows with her in them. Her technique needs some serious work!! Bring MaryAnn back or better yet, bring Liz back!!

    Debbie Niemeyer, 2 years ago Reply

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