Nancy Halvorsen’s “Be Attitudes Quilt” part 3

Quilt With The Stars | Episode 109, Part 3 | Nancy Halvorsen

Nancy designs, creates and writes from home while orders are shipped from the warehouse in town. View our slideshow of Nancy’s studio and a sampling of her work. Watch more Quilt With the Stars episodes at QNNtv.com!

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  1. Mary, sorry to say but you act to child like. Need to stop using your arms and hands to talk with.

    jane bailey, 2 years ago Reply

  2. Love your videos… but Mary you have got to take a class on interviewing professional quilters…I know you are following a time line but you act like you are a giddy child in the interviews taking up their time which we could actually get more information from the designer… such as comments like I love your hair or your jacket.. so cute! What the heck… we don’t care we are there to learn…

    Peggy, 2 years ago Reply

  3. Mary, I think you are doing fine. Comments about hair
    or clothing are okay. Perhaps some viewers do know that “talented people” such as designers, actors, singers, etc . are actually shy and comments about their hair, clothing, etc. may put them at ease. It is a a quilt video, not a governmental meeting, If these critics want more info they need to buy the books, patterns, fabric, etc. that these designers have worked so hard to create. I am from Louisiana so I will never criticize someone for talking with their hands. We do it all the time. And, for the ladies who criticized you about tossing fabric scraps, I can almost assure you they have not recently lived in a small apartment and had to rent extra storage space, both at exorbitant prices each month. I am a keeper by nature, but you have to continually move out unused items if you want to be able to enjoy your living space and be safe.

    ashley, 1 year ago Reply

  4. Oh my goodness ladies- very unkind comments. That’s Mary’s personality; happy and enthusiastic! Not everyone is a sedate and monotoned interviewer. Keep up the good work Mary!

    Becca, 1 year ago Reply

  5. I have thoroughly enjoyed the videos with Nancy Halvorsen. It is so inspiring to learn from someone who truly loves what they do ( I think this applies to both Mary and Nancy). The fabric designs and patterns that Nancy creates are wonderful.

    Susan, 1 year ago Reply

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