Summer in the Park

Strip sets and a wicked smart cutting technique make for quick striped blocks.  Set the blocks color to color and you’ll have a quilt in time for your picnic…in the park.  Summer in the Park quilt is featured in Quilting Quickly Spring 2013.

Summer in the Park Kit

Summer in the Park



  1. Love the ideas we get from these fantastic video’s. Thank-You.

    Jenny Moore, 2 years ago Reply

  2. love this quilt! great video! I’m working on a quilt of valor with it now!
    so excited about the partnership of Fons and Porter with Misouri Star Quilt Co! Please keep things coming to us!

    rose, 2 years ago Reply

  3. Love this block….. Can I ask how you measure when you cut the blocks. Do you cut 1/4″ in?

    Lesley, 1 year ago Reply

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